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11/29/2012Not Another Corkscrew!

Cork Box and Candle

When you have been a wine enthusiast as long as I have, you tend to accumulate a cellar full of well-intentioned, yet utterly mundane wine-related gifts. I have a drawer full of corkscrews of every design, enough sets of glass charms to host a gathering of several dozen friends, and have been gifted a copy…… More

07/09/2012Top 10 Tasting Room Tips

Cheers to you

The busy winery tasting room visiting season in the Willamette Valley is upon us! Whether you are a tasting room visitor from the neighborhood or from across the country, here are my Top 10 tips for your visit. #1. Be sure to eat a good meal before venturing out, as it really helps to have…… More

07/01/2012Popcorn and Pinot Blanc


I love popcorn. Like, really, really love popcorn. From stove-top to movie theater to air-popped to microwave to over an open campfire. And an open bag of Smartfood has no chance of survival in my house. Sometimes (ok, probably more frequently than sometimes) my dinner consists of popcorn paired with wine. Here are my top…… More

06/05/2012Small is Beautiful

Photo by Cheryl Empey

To me, the most beautiful and intriguing aspect of the Oregon wine industry lies in the small scale of production, and the number of winemakers who choose to remain small and do their own thing. Free Spirit winemakers! As of 2011, Oregon has over 420 wineries. And yet the average Oregon winery produces less than…… More

05/03/2012Wine Night Tonight! Great!


Greetings! Recently, I was trolling on Facebook and came across the app that gathers the top ten words you have used in status updates in the past year. The title of this post contains my top four words, in order. Made me think that perhaps I have something to say about wine. So here I…… More