Craft Your Own Phone Case

In the last post I showed you a fun wine phone case so today I wanted to show you a soda phone case that is liquid.  This would be great to make for the kids or with the kids.  The adults can have their wine phone case and the kids can have the soda case.  I love how easy it is to put these cases together and they look really cool.  For this one it looks like you will need some vinyl or some sort of thin plastic.  You will also need some parchment paper and an iron to seal it all together.  For the liquid part some soap and paint – I’m sure you could use water and food coloring to anything that gets you the color of soda you are making. This DIY phone case came from KimspiredDIY – she has a ton of craft ideas that are totally family friendly. You can check out the phone case right here and if you are into all the liquid DIYs she also has erasers, pens, and more phone cases.